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Hi Im Tracy Earl owner of Back Road Bake Shed.  Well what more can I say I love to bake! I started baking when my oldest daughter was a newborn. Shes now almost 14! How is that even possible! I fell in love and It became a passion to learn and create everything I could.  I quickly realized this is what I was meant to do. It wasn't work I was in my happy place while in the Kitchen.  With prior business ownership experience and the drive and dedication to make it happen. Flash forward Here we are making it happen!  I set out to make it happen and Create Back Road Bake Shed.

When not in the kitchen baking, I am a single mom of 3 beautiful children. Peyton 13, Parker 10, and Finley 6.  Life is busy at all times!  In my free time I enjoy hitting the motocross track with my dirt bike and chipping away at getting my pilot's license.  As a family we enjoy playing every sport there is and camping during the summer months.  

  My goal is to provide each and every customer with the best possible service and product and hopefully have them leaving no longer as a customer but as a friend and with their tastebuds satisfied!

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